Capitol Theatre Improvement Campaign

New art decco chandeliers were custom made for the Capitol Theatre.  Fundraising was done by the Aberdeen Questers groups.

Your support is essential to the completion of Capitol Theatre improvements.

In May of 1992, a multi-phase Capitol Theatre Improvement campaign was introduced. Phase 1 kicked off the necessary modifications to accommodate live theater and get the theater back in shape.

Phase II was “behind the scenes” work and included dressing rooms and the scene shop, new custom built art deco chandeliers, electrical enhancements and sound system work.

In 2009, Phase III, rebuilt lobby and concession areas completing a fully functional theater. This work was completed in time for the third annual South Dakota Film Festival which was hosted by Academy Award winner, Kevin Costner.

Along with the Phase III renovations, ACT was able to purchase a 35mm projector and install surround sound for film events.

Continued Phase III fund-raising allows for the purchase of state-of-the-art digital film equipment and completion of a new 90-seat theater area for film and theater productions.

But work is never done.  Even when Phase III is complete, technical enhancements are always necessary so the Capitol Theatre Improvement Campaign will continue on.

Please help us with the “Capitol” investment in this historic theater.  These contributions are tax deductible.

Join the growing number of contributors listed on the Capitol Theatre Wall of Fame or on a theater seat as a Have A Seat contributor as a permanent reminder of your generosity.

Just download this and mail it, along with your donation, to the address below.

Just download this and mail it, along with your donation, to:
PO Box 813
Aberdeen, SD 57402-0813

If you would like more information about Capitol Theatre renovations
or would like to be added to ACT’s email and mailing list,
please or call ACT’s office at (605) 225-2228.