YPT Contributions

Contributions Needed for YPT’s Ongoing Programming

Your contribution is essential to the development of ACT’s Young People’s Theatre programming.

YPT’s mission is to build character and confidence one child at a time. Help YPT build a comprehensive children’s theater program to meet this important community goal.

Please support Aberdeen and surrounding area youth with your contribution to the Young People’s Theatre. Because no tickets are included with this contribution, it is tax deductible as provided by law.

Join the growing list of YPT Contributors listed on this website, in ACT’s season programs and YPT show programs.

Download the and mail, along with your donation, to
PO Box 813
Aberdeen, SD 57402-0813.

If you would like more information about YPT
or would like your child to be added to YPT’s mailing list,
please or call ACT’s office at (605) 225-2228.

YPT’s “Go, Dog, Go” (2008)M.C. Dog-Nick Brandt
Hattie-Isabella SeatonRed Dogs
Jack Kilstrom, Liz Lewno, Katrina Marnette,
Emily Powell, Madison Russman, Gilbert WestBlue Dogs
Maggie Fouberg, McCaya Heirigs, Thomas Krueger,
Marshall Stearns, Hannah Swanson, Ari WestYellow Dogs
Carly Hansen, Noelle Hanson, Hayden Morrissey,
Micah Reierson, Joey Wagner, Jennifer Woehl
Green Dogs
Gabbie Brandt, Mary Merxbauer, Sarah Parkin,
Isaac Seaton, Austin Vetter, Taylor Woehl
Spotted Dogs
Carina Bell, Adam Emery, Aaron Knox,
Max Langbehn, Hallie Magera, Molly Sampson,
Aldous Ulvog, Claire Vetter