Young People’s Theatre

YPT/SBLT Original Scripts

In “Perfectly Lumpy,” Lumpy and Buddy, two gingerbread men, are on their way across the kitchen to join the other cookies.  Along the way they meet a dropped spoon, an animal cracker, a Gummy Bear, the family dog and an unlikely couple from the kitchen trash.  As their adventure progresses, just which cookie is truly the “perfect” cookie?

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Katherine is stuck babysitting her two bratty cousins.  To settle them down and get them to take a nap, she promises to tell them a story.  Not satisfied with any of their books, they insist that Katherine make up her own story.  Easier said than done, as the cousins continually interject their own ideas and characters.  As a result, classic fairy tale characters appear in pretty unorthodox circumstances.

Katherine tries her best to keep the story moving along but the ensuing nonsense becomes too difficult.  She attempts a hasty ending but the cousins one-up her by putting themselves in the story.  Forget happy endings, Katherine will be happy if the story ends at all.

Perusal script available .

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