YPT Scholarships

YPT is dedicated to providing affordable opportunities for theatrical involvement for, by, and accessible to, youth ages six to seventeen. YPT firmly believes in providing an opportunity for participation in the theater arts for anybody who is interested.

It is the goal of YPT not only to make it affordable to youth, but to their families, potential theatergoers, and to YPT itself.

Thorough contributions made by individuals and businesses that see the need for this program, YPT offers scholarships to those families who may not be able to afford participation in this programming.

If you are interested in a scholarship for your child to participated in a YPT event, print the SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION FORM and return it to ACT before auditions. ACT will review the application.

If you see the need for YPT programming and are interested in making a contribution to help families who may not be able to participate, download the and mail it, along with your donation, to
PO Box 813
Aberdeen, SD 57402-0813.


Who is eligible for YPT scholarships? YPT provides anyone with financial need a scholarship to any YPT activity. No one will be turned away because of personal or financial circumstances. The Tom & Danielle Aman Foundation has generously provided a limited amount of funds earmarked specifically for YPT scholarships.

How do I apply for a YPT scholarship? YPT requires that financial need be identified and scholarship forms filled out before the activity begins; or, in the case of a production, within two days of casting. Forms must be completed and returned prior to the stated deadline for each activity. YPT does not ask for personal financial information.

What costs do scholarships cover? Typically, scholarship amounts cover the entire tuition cost of a YPT activity. In some instances, we award half or three-quarter scholarships, depending on the number of applicants for a given activity or fund availability. We realize that sometimes even a half or three-quarter scholarship may not be sufficient. These instances will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

What costs are not covered by scholarships? YPT scholarships do not include YPT memberships, T-shirts or scripts. Students are not required to purchase any of these items. Should scholarship students be interested in having a T-shirt, they would be required to purchase it. Should a scholarship student want to keep a production script or fail to return it, purchasing it will be required. YPT scholarships do not guarantee or exclude anyone from a role in YPT productions.

Do I need to reapply for every YPT activity? No, but students must reapply for a YPT scholarship every year. Scholarship applications are good for an entire YPT season beginning with the first application of the year and running through October of that year. However, registration forms must be completed for each YPT activity participated in during that year.

 Anything else about YPT scholarships? If you would like more information about Young People’s Theatre scholarships or would like to be added to YPT’s email and mailing list,
please or call ACT at (605) 225-2228.